Robert Rotzler ~ Teaching Testimonials

Mr. Rotzler is a truly gifted teacher.  He is funny, very funny.  However, he demands good technique, and amazingly enough, he is able to get it from my son.  I regard this as just short of magic.
I only wish he taught math too.

My son has been studying with Robert since he was in 3rd grade. Now, as he enters 6th grade, he continues to learn and grow from the instruction Robert provides. Robert motivates with praise and humor, while setting high but realistic standards. He keeps my son interested and excited in what he is studying, and gives clear explanations to help move him to the next level. With Robert’s coaching Marc has been accepted to the San Diego Youth Symphony where his love for the violin is blossoming further. We are grateful to Robert for piquing Marc’s interest in music and encouraging him to achieve at a high level.


I recognized Robert’s love for teaching the moment I met him.  Robert’s love for the violin is paramount; his teaching comes from the heart.

Robert is an amazing teacher.  He is able to motivate his students with great stories and his experience, making learning the violin fun and informative.


Violin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Violins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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